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David K. JORDAN - Considered an immediate classic for its depth, breadth and level of humor. Not surprisingly, the first edition sold out rather quickly; now after several years of being unavailable, it's back in print in a new, improved format: this time it has a convenient index! Second edition 1999. 235p. 215x140. Bound. USA. ISBN 0939785048

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Date Added: 09/19/2009
This book is a must-have for every Esperantist. The author uses humor and provides many examples for each topic. He also uses American English as the book’s standard. Since this is an intermediate/advanced book, I’ve found things in it that aren’t mentioned in any of my other Esperanto books. For example, on page 66: "English differentiates between the present and past time in the conditional, while Esperanto does not: Se Zamenhof scius la ĉinan, Esperanto estus malsama. If Zamenhof had known Chinese, Esperanto would be different. Se mi scius la ĉinan, mi legus la verkaron de Meng Xiangke. If I knew Chinese, I would read the works of Meng Xiangke. Se aliplanedanoj vizitus Romon, la imperio ne falus. If space aliens had visited Rome, the empire would not have fallen." The book is printed by ELNA with a simple pale yellow dust jacket, and the book is bound in a sturdy manner with heavy pages that will last many decades. (All the books printed by ELNA with this pale yellow dust jacket are lovely in their simplicity.) I have only been studying Esperanto for about five weeks at the time of this writing, but this book has already clarified many things for me. I have read it through one time and I plan to read it through again and let the information sink in. I highly recommend this book for every serious Esperantist.

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