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Quantity/Member Discount

Quantity Discount

You can receive a quantity discount on books published by Esperanto-USA. If you buy any three or more books in the category 'Published by E-USA', you will receive a 33% discount on each book.

So, for example, you can buy one copy of 'Learning and Using the International Language', one copy of 'Step by Step', and one copy of 'Comprehensive English-Esperanto Dictionary' - you will receive a 33% discount on all three. If you add another book in this category, you will receive the same discount.

If you buy two or more copies of any book, each copy counts against the minimum of three. So you can buy two copies of Richardson and one of Step by Step and get the discount on all three.

Quantity Discount Restrictions: All books must be purchased in one order and sent to only one address

Member Discount

If you a member of Esperanto-USA, you will receive a 10% discount on new products (except memberships and magazines). You will receive a 25% discount on all used items (see the 'Used Books' category). You will receive a 100% discount on certain downloadable wares (see the category 'FREE>Free to members only').

Discounts are shown during the Checkout. If you did not receive a member discount, but think you should have, please contact us.

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