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Every year the Universala Esperanto-Asocio (UEA) arranges a congress (UK) somewhere in the world. As part of the program, a representative from each country salutes (greets) the assembled participants with a short speeech.
For many years the speeches of the representatives have been limited to a short phrase becuase of the large number of representatives (81 in 2015), but in 1964 there were only 33 countries represented at the 49th congress in the Netherlands, so each speaker was able to make a little speech. These speeches are recorded in this mp3 file.

If you are a beginning esperantists, this recording will introduce you to the various accents of Esperanto speakers in different parts of the world. The speakers are speaking slowly and clearly, so you should be able to make out most of what they are saying (you may have to listen to the recording a few times to catch everything.)

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