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Gaston WARINGHIEN - Elegant collection of studies about the sources and structure of Esperanto; one of the main works of Esperantology. Number 3 in the Jubilee collection "Jarcento de Esperanto". Second edition 1989. 452p. 205x150. Bound. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170425

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Date Added: 10/05/2016
This book is a collection of essays and articles by Gaston Waringhien concerning various aspects of Esperanto grammar and the Esperanto movement. Waringhien, a Frenchman, was perhaps best known for his work in compiling the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro ("PIV") and his contributions to the Plena Analiza Gramatiko ("PAG") and Parnasa Gvidlibro (both in collaboration with Kalocsay). This book is of the highest quality in terms of contents and format. If there is a flaw, it perhaps lies in whether all the issues it discusses at great length are truly interesting enough to warrant the treatment they receive. The most memorable part of this book, in my opinion and that of others who have read it, is the section on "pra-Esperanto". This section provides details concerning the development of Esperanto before the Fundamento de Esperanto, including aspects of the language that Zamenhof eventually changed before his creation was finalized, and changes that the language resisted during the Ido schism. Also notable is the author's overview of early Esperanto literature. John Torres-Rojas - Brooklyn, NY

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