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J. R. R. TOLKIEN - Trans. by William Auld. 2nd edition. The English fantasy trilogy that triggered the current global enthusiasm for fantasy. In three volumes (La kunularo de l' ringo, La du turegoj and La reveno de la re─Ło) the story recounts the adventure of two young hobbits setting out to destroy a ring of power which will, if allowed to fall into the wrong hands (and all hands are wrong hands, as the story shows), lead to the enslavement of Middle Earth. This new edition has been shorn of typos and some mistranslations have been corrected. 2007. 464+368+328p. 200x140. Paper. Russia.

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Date Added: 05/14/2011
Auld has beautifully translated Tolkin's beautiful and imaginative language. Auld's translations of some of Tolkin's more imagantive words and phrases employs creative and imagantive use of Esperanto that leave you in awe.

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