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Var - Eleven stories of "strange phenomena" – i.e., ghost stories – by authors ranging over the history of Esperanto literature from Zamenhof's friend Nikolai Borovko to Trevor Steele and Claude Piron. 1995. 105p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #13. ISBN 3-85182-034-7.

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Date Added: 10/21/2009
This book contains stories from two different eras. Half of the stories (which account for more than half the page count) come from early in Esperanto's history, with one being labeled as the earliest Esperanto short story. These stories are pretty naive, both from a plot and language standpoint. The plots are often cliche and drag on too long. I found it tough going through some of them, with little payoff at the end. While these stories are very interesting from a historical viewpoint (to see how Esperanto has progressed as a language and an artistic medium), this didn't sustain my interest. The other half of the stories are by more modern authors, such as Trevor Steele, Claude Piron, and Marjorie Boulton. These stories are more enjoyable, but perhaps not their best works. All I had read in other collections (probably "Trezoro"). For the money, there are better short story collections available.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars [2 of 5 Stars]


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