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This is the second (and larger) book by Tivadar Soros (father of philanthropist George Soros, and cofounder of an influential Esperanto literature magazine). His first book, /Modernaj Robinzonoj/, tells his story of escaping from Russia after WWI. In this book, he tells the story of escaping from Nazi-controlled Hungary during WWII!

While it was originally written in 1965, the Soros family commission Humphrey Tonkin (another famous Esperanto-speaker) to produce an English translation, which appeared in 2000. As an academic, Tonkin researched the subject highly and so in addition to translating into English, he added many notes (including about some places where Soros must have misremembered the time-line) -- and was able to take some liberties in the translation, due to his research. The Esperanto version was republished in 2001, as the original text, but with Tonkin's notes.
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