Esperanto-USA Retbutiko


I was introduced to Esperanto through this book.

I was giving a talk at our local library on the fast easy way to learn languages and I came across the book while browsing through the language section before I began. I read the book with great interest and it changed my preconceived ideas. I had decided that learning an artificial language was a waste of time but this book convinced me otherwise. It was a perfect introduction to the language for me.

I did an Internet search and found lernu! and that site provided the audio to go with the book. I also have the Transparent 101 languages which includes Esperanto. This book remains my primary instructor. I have since bought my own copy - I kept renewing the library copy until my copy arrived in the post.

I like the construction of the book. It introduced me to the language and its history, reasons for learning it, then an introduction with dialogues in the language, as well as reading material and a good dictionary at the back. For me it was a perfect introduction.

Bill Handley
Date Added: 08/26/2010 by William S W Handley
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