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Julio Baghy is better known for two other books, titled "Viktimoj" and "Sur Sanga Tero", and in my opinion it's cause is their comparative legibility contrasted with "Hura!". If your Espo is not sufiĉe lerta, those two I would recommend. However, for those willing to accept the challenge of a much more sophisticated pen, "Hura!" is a thoroughly gratifying reader experience. Some suspension of disbelief coupled with adjusting oneself to writing which may be uncomfortable for the typical American reader is required. That being said, concentrate on the relationships, their nuances, and what the author says both directly and indirectly and the meaning will be much clearer.

After finishing, ponder this: Did Baghy actually write a sequel that was lost during world war 2? How did its premise relate to analogous parallels in other world literature? From these answers, what can we conclude about what the sequel symbolise(d), and what might that suggest about the meanings within "Hura!" itself?
Date Added: 09/10/2014 by Paŭĉjo Lijvret
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